1. Introduction

DroneNaksha provides ease and comfort to the users. The users have to follow the following steps to get the best results within the shortest period of time with very good efficiency.

DroneNaksha offers scalable solutions to process a huge amount of workload in parallel processing. It enables to process of many images to create maps simultaneously on a cloud platform with high-speed GPU farms. It offers ultimate accuracy of orthoimages which fulfills the requirement of nearly all applications of mapping.

DroneNaksha is very helpful in various fields such as Land survey and Mapping, Construction and planning, Road and Railway Track Mapping, Forest Management, and many more.

Construction progress tracking with DroneNaksha's visual comparison analysis tool aids in understanding site development over time. Its 3D model provides a more detailed representation for planning and building decisions.

DroneNaksha enables crop analysis using RGB and Infrared images and various algorithms like VARI, and NDVI. The agricultural purpose of inspecting plant health, surveying, and spraying can be effectively done with DroneNaksha.

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