4. Process

This section will describe the process related operations.

4.1 Create Task

By clicking on the 'Process' button you can see a popup message of “Task will be added to the execution queue. Do you want to process these images and create the task ?”
Start the task by clicking on the 'Yes' button.
Starting a Task
You will get the new popup message as 'Task created successfully'

4.2 Pending Tasks

Firstly it will show the status of newly created as 'Pending'.
Pending Tasks

4.3 Task In Progress

Clicking on the 'Refresh' button will change the status from 'pending' to 'in progress
Task In Progress

4.4 Failed Tasks

If the task in the progress could not complete its process then the status of that task will be shown as ‘Failed’. You can initiate the same by clicking on the ‘Process’ button.
Failed Tasks

4.5 Task Status

Total time taken to complete a task is approximately varying from 3 hrs to 5 hrs. The start and end of the processing of the task were intimated through emails but no in-process intimation related to the task status was there earlier. To have a detailed idea about the processing of the task this feature has been added to DroneNaksha now.
Task Status Facility
Intermediate processes are displayed on the right side of the screen. The in-process actions will be indicated with grey ticks whereas completed tasks will be displayed with green ticks. There is a series of processes that are to be carried out to complete one task. Once all the processes are completed the status of that task will be considered as 'completed tasks'.

4.6 Completed Tasks

If images are processed, a ‘Completed’ popup would be seen. Now for ‘Completed’ status, you can see the ‘View map’ button.
Completed Task
Orthoimage button:
An orthoimage icon will be displayed on the sidebar only for tasks with the status as 'completed'. By clicking on the view map button you can see ortho images on a map view.
Ortho image
Refresh Button:
Click the 'Process' button after uploading the images. You can refresh the current status by clicking the 'Refresh' button while images are being processed. After clicking on the refresh button you can see the status as pending, in progress, or completed.
Refresh an image