5.3 DSM and DTM

5.3.1 DSM Image (Digital Surface Models)

A digital surface model (DSM) is an elevation model that contains the elevation of the terrain as well as above-ground features such as buildings, vegetation, towers, and other infrastructure.

- By clicking on the DSM tab at the bottom of the screen, a small pop-up will be displayed which will show DSM & DTM tabs (as shown in the image below).

- You can see the DSM image by clicking on the DSM option.

5.3.2 DTM (Digital Terrain Model)

In some countries, a DTM is actually synonymous with a DEM. This means that a DTM is simply an elevation surface representing the bare earth referenced to a common vertical datum. In the United States and other countries, a DTM has a slightly different meaning. A DTM is a vector data set composed of regularly spaced points and natural features such as ridges and break lines. A DTM augments a DEM by including linear features of the bare-earth terrain.

By clicking on DTM tab, you can open DTM image.

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