4.3 Upload Images

After successfully creating the project, plan, and imageset, the user has to upload the images for processing.

Images to be uploaded should have valid geotags. If the images have invalid geotags then these will not be considered for processing as the result may not be accurate or at accurate location

The user may upload images or assets for processing as per the requirements.

4.3.1 Assets

The user may upload the assets from his local computer or from the cloud. To use this feature, the user must select the "Assets +" button on the right-hand top corner of the screen.

On selecting the "Asset +" button, DroneNaksha will provide the options to select the proper asset.

  • Ortho

  • DSM

  • DTM


For more details about these assets please refer to section 3.4 Assets.

Select the appropriate asset and upload it accordingly. Follow the instructions appearing on the screen to complete the process.

4.3.2 Images

To upload the geotagged images, select the button "images +" from the right-hand top corner of the screen. Select a proper folder or images to upload from the local computer.

DroneNaksha will verify the status of images for processing. It requires the proper geotagged images. If the images are not having proper geotags then it will show the warning message as shown in the following image.

Click on "Yes" if you want to move with the processing of images without geotags or click on "No" and upload the new images with valid geotags.

After uploading the images for process, DroneNaksha will allow to create a task.

4.3.3 Operations on Imagesets:

The user will be able to perform the following operations on the imageset.

  • Renaming an Imageset: The user may modify the name of an imageset by entering the new name and then click on "Update" button.

  • Duplicate an Imageset: The same imageset can be used by duplicating an imageset with this option. The time will be reduced for uploading the images by duplicating an imageset. Enter the new name for an imageset and click on "Ok" button.

  • Delete an Imageset: Delete the selected imageset by using this option.

The warning message will be displayed on the screen before the actual deletion of an imageset. All the data associated with specific imageset will be deleted which cannot be recovered easily.

The user may create multiple imagesets in a project. To add the new imageset click on "Imageset +" button on the right-hand top corner on the screen.

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