12. Create Mission Plan

DroneNaksha support for a new feature of creating a mission plan.

Aerial images will be processed and used for various decision-making processes.

Aerial images captured by a drone are used for processing and analysis. These images are widely used in agriculture, construction, power industry, etc. DroneNaksha is very useful in the agriculture industry to check and monitor plant health on the field.

Plant health algorithms are applied to the orthomosaic image. The plant health algorithm will generate an index from which it is decided to provide fertilizers, pesticides, and water to the affected crop.

Now, this feature will be helpful. The user will be able to create a mission plan for spraying, survey, and waypoint here. Select the appropriate mission plan and select the location where to plot a mission a plan as shown.

  1. Open the orthomosaic image obtained.

  2. Select "Create Mission Plan" tool to create a mission plan.

  1. Select a Location for creating a mission plan.

  1. Select the appropriate option from the bottom menu as shown below.

  1. Add the details of a plan such as the name of a plan and proceed for next procedure.

  1. Select the type of flight for the mission according to the requirement of an application.

  1. Set the parameters required such as altitude and speed.

  1. Mark the affected area by clicking on the map and save as a plot as shown in the following image.

  1. Create a plan by selecting "Create Plan" button.

    This plan will be used in AeroGCS KEA by using cloud sync functionality and a flight of a drone will be established.

Thus DroneNaksha is used to provide solutions to the agriculture industry as well as for other industries.

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