14. Settings

This section will describe about the settings required.

'Settings' and 'Logout' options are available on the right-hand side, by clicking on the profile image as shown below:

After selecting the 'Settings' option you are allowed to alter the settings related to 'profile', 'subscription', 'change password', and 'invoices'.

7.1 Profile

On the profile page, you are allowed to set the Editor's profile. Select the 'Edit' button to edit the changes in the profile. The email address field is disabled. Save the information by clicking on the ‘Save’ button. Clicking on the ‘Cancel’ button page will redirect to ‘Profile’ without saving the modifications done.

7.2 Subscriptions

Details and status regarding your subscriptions are displayed in this section.

  • Your Plan will be displayed with the plan name.

  • Monthly or yearly Billing plans will be displayed under the billing column.

  • The service column gives the details of services availed by you.

  • Status – status will be shown as active/inactive.

  • Expires On – expiry date will be shown for the respective plan.

Modify – by clicking on the 'modify' button a popup of ‘If you want to modify, the existing active subscription will be cancelled, would You like to continue ?’ will be displayed. This will be helpful to

  • modify the plan,

  • cancel the plan,

  • continue with the same plan.

By clicking on the 'Yes' button, your existing active subscription will get cancelled. By clicking on the ‘No’ button a popup window will get closed with no changes in the active subscription plan.

If the subscription is not cancelled then it will show a message of “your subscription was not cancelled, please contact us at support@aeromegh.com and we will help you with necessary acta ions, redirecting to buy a new plan.”

You can choose your monthly or yearly plans.

By clicking on the buy now page will redirect to the payment screen.

You can cancel the subscription by clicking on the 'Cancel' button. Before the cancellation of the subscription, the confirmation popup window will be displayed.

7.3 Invoices

Details of the invoices are displayed such as:

Invoice number – will include created invoice number

Product – will include product name

Amount – will include yearly/monthly subscribed amount

Date & time – will include created invoice date & time

Status – will show status as a active /inactive

7.4 Change Password

You can change your password by entering data in the ‘current password’ field then ‘new password’ field and then the ‘confirm password’ field.

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