4.2 Create a Project

4.2.1 Create a Project

Create a project by entering the name of a project in the given window and proceed with the creation of a plan. If the user wants to create a new project, then enter the name of a project and select a location on the map.

The user may use an existing project by selecting a project from a dropdown menu.

Every plan should have its associated imageset. Therefore, the next step is to create an imageset.

Enter a name of an imageset for handling the images for processing.

4.2.2 Planner

The planner option will be available as and when the user is trying to create a new plan or project. The project opened to create a plan that can be shared with another member which is team management.

Planner feature of DroneNaksha allows you to plan activities according to the day and date. The user may add a task and assign it to his colleague to perform on the scheduled date and time. The user is allowed to track these activities through this planner. The status of the task will be changed according to the schedule and it can be added or deleted from the task list after the completion of a task.

Select the appropriate fields and assign the task to another user with the required priority of the task to be performed.

Based on the priority assigned, the task has to be performed and accordingly, the status of a task will be changed.

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