3.3 Images

3.3.1 Upload Images

After clicking on the 'Next' button the popup window will be displayed requesting to upload the images with a message as "Click on Finish & start uploading Images" to upload the selected imageset to the plan for processing as shown in the following image.

  1. To upload images click on "Images+" button. You can browse the images from your local computer also.

2. Status of ‘Uploading images' will be shown while uploading images.

3. The user can abort the process of uploading images by clicking on the 'Cancel' button.

4. All the images uploaded will be checked for valid geotags and the number of usable and images with invalid geotags is displayed accordingly.

5. By selecting an image set from the sidebar menu, you can add another image set to an existing project/plan. A pop-up window will appear to enter the name of a new imageset.

6. You can see different types of views of the image sets like ‘List’ view, ‘Grid’ View, ‘Map’ View

List View: You can see images in the List view by clicking on the ‘List’ button which includes columns as follows –

Name - you can see the name of an image.

Date – you can see a date of an image created.

Size – you can see the size of an image in MB or GB.

Resolution – you can see the resolution of an image in MegaPixel (MP)

Grid View: You can see images in Grid view by clicking on the ‘Grid' button. On the thumbnail, you can see the image name, resolution, and size of that image.

Map View: On the map view, blue dots will be displayed for the images which are uploaded by you.

DroneNaksha provides following tools to select the images on a map.

  • Pointer: Using this tool, the user can select the desired image. The details of an image will be displayed on the screen as shown.

  • Polygon: This tool will be useful to select multiple images collectively.

Selected images can be exported for another processing as an imageset.

  • Delete: Selected images can be deleted by using this tool.

  • Export: The selected images can be collectively exported as a new imageset.

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