7.4 Volumetric Analysis / Measurement

DroneNaksha provides the volumetric measurements of the selected area marked on an orthomosaic map. The steps for getting a volumetric measurement are as follows:

  1. Open an orthomosaic map generated through DroneNaksha.

  2. Mark the area by using "Measure Area" tool.

  3. Select the marked area with pointer as shown in the following image.

  4. The volumetric measurement will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen by clicking on "Calculate" button.

  5. It will show the cut volume, fill volume and volume with the method applied.

This type of Volumetric Measurement plays very important role in the construction industry. Cut and Fill measurement is also important for any construction industry. DroneNaksha provides the values readily with a single click that reduces the human time and mistakes.

Deletion of Marked Areas:

Select the polygon or polyline to delete as shown in the following image. Then click on the symbol of Delete to delete the selected marked area.

After deletion of the marked area the map will look like as shown in the following image.

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