15. Teams Management

Collaborating with the team members is a better solution to get the task done with ease and better efficiency in lesser time and with less memory.

To use this feature in DroneNaksha, the user has to use the "Teams" feature of AeroMegh Services. Through this functionality, an invitation will be sent to the concerned user. That concerned user has to accept this invitation by opening his email inbox and clicking on the link to signup and login to the account.

The user may assign a role to the team member which will be restricting the use of imagesets, maps, etc. This will provide security to the original data. The user can assign the roles such as Manager, Guest, Operator, and Viewer. Based on the requirement or involvement of the concerned member in the project, the roles can be assigned.

After logging in to the account, now the team member will be able to use the task for his purposes as shown in the following image.

Some of the functionalities may not be available to a team member based on the role assigned. The user may change the role of a team member as per the requirements.

If a team member is having access to the shared file as a viewer, then he is able to view the details only. He is not able to perform any other operations on the shared file.

Teams can be managed through the planner. The task can be assigned to the concerned assignee with priority. The assignee will be able to see the details of a task. After completing the task, the status of a task can be changed to "Completed" which will be reflected on the dashboard in planner section.

The assignee may view the task by clicking on the "View Task" button. The assignee will be able to view the details of the task.

After successful completion of a task, change the status of a task to "Completed" which will be reflected in the dashboard of user's DroneNaksha as shown.

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