2. Getting Started

This section describes the process of signing in to the DroneNaksha.

After opening the URL you can see Login page. To create a new account, click on Signup link

2.1 Signup

After clicking on clicking on signup link you will be redirected to Signup page.

  • Enter First Name, Last name

  • Enter valid email id. If invalid email id is entered, an error message will be popped.

  • If entered email is an existing one, you won’t be able to sign in. Software would pop a message of ‘There is another account in the system with this email address’.

  • Enter a strong password with at least - 1 uppercase, 1 lower case, 1 digit. If less than 8 characters are entered, an error message would be shown.

  • To confirm password field, enter same password which is entered in password field. If ‘Password’ field & ‘Confirm Password’ field does not match then an error message would be shown, as ‘Please match the requested format’.

  • Click on checkbox of ‘I agree to terms & conditions’

  • When clicked on ‘Signup’ button page will redirect to next screen which will show a message as follows- ‘Thanks for Registering. An Account activation link has been sent to you email’ along with login button.

  • After activating a link which is sent on registered emailed you can Login.

  • After verifying email ID you can see message of 'your account has been successfully activated’. Proceed with Logging in.

2.2 Login

  • Enter registered email id, password & by clicking on ‘Login’ button you can enter into AeroMegh platform.

  • The user may login with his Google or Microsoft account by selecting the appropriate option.

  • Select a proper account to login with proper credentials.

  • If invalid email id/password is entered then by clicking on ‘Login’ button you will receive error message of ‘Invalid email id or password’

2.3 Forgot Password

  • If you forgot the password, then the same can be reset by clicking on ‘Forgot your password’.

  • By entering registered email id you will be able to receive mail for setting up a new password.

  • If unregistered email id is entered then you will receive an error message.

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